Flexible Ferrite Kit

Part NumberKit Description
0199000043Contains 6 Flexible Ferrite Sheets with 6 different materials with varying size, thickness and permeability's. The recommended operating temperature is -40º to +85ºC and the typical thermal conductivity is 6 watt / m-ºC. For the data sheet click HERE.


Flexible Ferrite Part Number Material Size Thickness Permeability Qty
38M1020AA1212M1120 mm0.2 mm201
38M2020AA1212M2120 mm0.2 mm451
38M3050AA0606M3060 mm0.5 mm601
38M4010AA1212M4120 mm0.1 mm1201
38M5010AA1212M5120 mm0.1 mm1401
38M6050AA0606M6060 mm0.5 mm2201
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