Greatest Hits Kit

Part NumberKit Description
0199000052Fair-Rite proudly presents an encore to our flagship Signal Solution Kit, The Greatest Hits Kit. Inside this exclusive box you will find four different materials Snap-It™ kits ranging from 150 kHz to 1 GHz. The star-studded lineup of 31-, 44-, 61- and 75-material contains split ferrite cores in a wide variety of sizes to fit most cables. With a total of 64 parts, you can discover Your Signal Solution with Fair-Rite’s Greatest Hits Kit!


75 Material (150kHz-10MHz)DescriptionMaximum Cable DiameterQty
0475181651CSRA12/12/25-75-5.14.90 mm4
0475164281CSRA20/20/39-75-6.66.30 mm3
0475178281CSRA21/21/39-75-98.70 mm3
0475167281CSRA24/23/39-75-109.85 mm3
0475164181CSRA31/30/39-75-1312.75 mm2
0475176451CSRA39/38/48-75-1818.0 mm2
31 Material (1MHz-300MHz)DescriptionMaximum Cable DiameterQty
0431164951CSRA17/17/36-31-5.14.90 mm3
0431164281CSRA20/20/39-31-6.66.30 mm3
0431178281CSRA21/21/39-31-6.66.30 mm3
0431167281CSRA24/23/39-31-109.85 mm 3
0431164181CSRA31/30/39-31-1312.75 mm2
0431176451CSRA39/38/48-31-1818.0 mm2
44 Material (25MHz-300MHz)DescriptionMaximum Cable DiameterQty
0444164951CSRA17/17/36-44-5.14.90 mm3
0444164281CSRA20/20/39-44-6.66.30 mm3
0444178281CSRA21/21/39-44-6.66.30 mm3
0444167281CSRA24/23/39-44-6.66.30 mm3
0444164181CSRA31/30/39-44-1312.75 mm2
0444176451CSRA39/38/48-44-1818.0 mm2
61 Material (200MHz-1GHz)DescriptionMaximum Cable DiameterQty
0461164951CSRA17/17/36-61-5.14.90 mm3
0461164281CSRA20/20/39-61-6.66.30 mm3
0461178281CSRA21/21/39-61-109.85 mm3
0461167281CSRA24/23/39-61-109.85 mm3
0461164181CSRA31/30/39-61-1312.75 mm2
0461176451CSRA39/38/48-61-1818.0 mm2
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