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Part Number: 38M2020AA1212


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Part Number: 38M2020AA1212

Material Grade M2
Sheet Size 120 x 120 mm
Ferrite Thickness 0.2 mm
Total Thickness 0.23 mm

Weight: (g)

Chart Legend

Dimmmmm tolnominal inchinch misc.
Typical Shielding Effectiveness (dB): Test Method as noted –>  **, ***
PARTNUMBER Material 1MHz** 6.78MHz** 13.56MHz** 100MHz*** 300MHz***
38M2020AA1212 M2 4.2 4.2 4.2 5 3.3
** Shielding Effectiveness (SE) at 1 -50MHz : measured using IEC 6233-2 Rde Inter Decoupling Ratio method  (loop to loop distance= 6mm).
This method is meaningful as a measure of decoupling effectiveness circuit to circuit or to metal surfaces (plane to plane).
*** Shielding Effectiveness (SE) at 100MHz+ : measured using IEC 6233-2 Rrs Radiation Suppression Ratio method  (50-ohm Microstripline).
This method is meaningful as a measure of shielding for radiated emissions of “antennas”.

Equipment Used:
E5072A Vector Network Analyzer (30kHz – 8.5 GHz)
HP4291A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer (1MHz-3GHz)
E4991A with 16453A Dielectric Test Fixture
HP4284A for Temperature testing
25mm diameter slotted loop antennas
50-ohm Micro-Stripline Test Fixture

Ferrite Material Constants

Specific Heat
0.25 cal/g/°C
Thermal Conductivity
3.5 - 4.5 mW/cm-°C
Coefficient of Linear Expansion
8 - 10x10-6/°C
Tensile Strength
4.9 kgf/mm2
Compressive Strength
42 kgf/mm2
Young's Modulus
15x103 kgf/mm2
Hardness (Knoop)
Specific Gravity
≈4.7 g/cm3
The above quoted properties are typical for Fair-Rite MnZn and NiZn ferrites.

Storage and Operating Temperature
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