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Antenna/RFID Rods (3078990891)

Part Number: 3078990891
78 ROD
78 Material
Inductive Components
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Part Number: 3078990891

78 ROD

Explanation of Part Numbers:
– Digits 1 & 2 = Product Class
– Digits 3 & 4 = Material Grade
•– The last digit 1 = Uncoated Rod and 4 = Parylene Coated Rod. Parylene C is RoHS compliant.

These rods are designed for use in antenna and RFID transponder applications. Rods are available in three materials to cover a frequency range from 50 kHz to 25 MHz. Suggested frequency ranges: 78 material < 200 kHz, 61 material 0.2 – 5.0 MHz and 67 material > 5.0 MHz.

The “Antenna/RFID Kit” (part number 0199000024) contains a selection of these rods.

For any rod requirement not listed here, feel free to contact our customer service group for availability and pricing.

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Weight: 3.3 (g)

Dimmmmm tolnominal inchinch misc.

Electrical Properties

A MnZn ferrite specifically designed for power applications for frequencies up to 200 kHz and low loss inductive applications to 500 kHz.

Available in 78 material:



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78 Material Characteristics
Property Unit Symbol Value
Initial Permeability @ B < 10 gauss µi 2300
Flux Density @ Field Strength Gauss
Residual Flux Density Gauss Br 1500
Coercive Force Oersted Hc 0.20
Loss Factor @ Frequency 10 -6
Tan δ/ µi 3
Temperature Coefficient of Initial Permeability (20 -70°C) %/°C 1.0
Curie Temperature °C Tc >200
Resistivity ohm-cm ρ 200

**** Characteristic curves are measured on standard Toroids (18/10/6 mm)  at 25°C and 10 kHz unless otherwise indicated. Impedance characteristics are measured on standard shield beads (3.5/1.3/6.0 mm) unless otherwise indicated.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Click here to download Complex Permeability vs. Frequency (CSV)

Ferrite Material Constants

Specific Heat
0.25 cal/g/°C
Thermal Conductivity
3.5 - 4.5 mW/cm-°C
Coefficient of Linear Expansion
8 - 10x10-6/°C
Tensile Strength
4.9 kgf/mm2
Compressive Strength
42 kgf/mm2
Young's Modulus
15x103 kgf/mm2
Hardness (Knoop)
Specific Gravity
≈4.7 g/cm3
The above quoted properties are typical for Fair-Rite MnZn and NiZn ferrites.

Storage and Operating Temperature
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