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Emulation of Plasma Load Reactancesby Saturation Control of Low-Permeability Inductors

High-Performance High-Power Inductor Design for High-Frequency Applications

Published on April 21, 2021

The Case of Rod V Bobbin
(Antenna, Inductor, & Choke Cores)

Ferrite rods and bobbins make excellent cores for a variety of different applications. These can range from wireless antenna cores (wireless power, Bluetooth, RFID, etc..) to high bias/power inductors, to chokes and many more. In this video we take a brief look at characteristics of the different core types and how they compare to one another.


Antenna/RFID Rods


Follow along with Bruce Sparrow – N2KTV, Product Manager for Suppression Applications at Fair-Rite Products as he demonstrates how to measure balun performance using the MFJ 225 two port vector network analyzer. For more information on what Fair-Rite Products has to offer check out:

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