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Planar Cores (9479222002)

Part Number: 9479222002
79 E COR18/4/10-79
79 Material
Inductive Components
Closed Magnetic Circuit
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Part Number: 9479222002

79 PLANAR E CORE 18/4/10-79

Planar EE and EI cores, with their low profile are suitable for board level installation allowing assembly without the need for plastic coilformers and can also allow windings integrated into multi-level PCBs. Planar ER cores with their low mass and low profile are suitable for Surface Mount installations in low power filter and transformer applications.

-Planar EE, ER and EI cores can be supplied with the center post gapped to a mechanical dimension, or an AL value.

Catalog Drawing
3D Model

Weight: 2.95 (g)

Dimmmmm tolnominal inchinch misc.
A18.0± 0.350.709_
B4.00± 0.1.157_
C10.00± 0.20.394_
D2.00± 0.20.79_
E14.00± 0.30.551_
F4.00± 0.10.157_

Chart Legend
Σl/A  :  Core Constant,    le :  Effective Path Length,    Ae :  Effective Cross-Sectional Area,    Ve :  Effective Core Volume
AL :  Inductance Factor  
Explanation of Part Numbers: Digits 1 & 2 = product class and 3 & 4 = material grade.

Electrical Properties
AL(nH)2200 +/- 25%

AL value is measured at 1 kHz, B < 10 gauss.

9479222002 is matted with 9379060002.

A new high frequency material for power applications up to 750 kHz.

This MnZn power ferrite is available in customer specific core designs.

This material is available as special order for customer specific applications.

79 Material Characteristics
Property Unit Symbol Value
Initial Permeability @ B < 10 gauss µi 1400
Flux Density @ Field Strength Gauss
Residual Flux Density Gauss Br 1500
Coercive Force Oersted Hc 0.34
Loss Factor @ Frequency 10 -6
Tan δ/ µi 4
Temperature Coefficient of Initial Permeability (20 -70°C) %/°C 0.6
Curie Temperature °C Tc >225
Resistivity ohm-cm ρ 200

**** Characteristic curves are measured on standard Toroids (18/10/6 mm)  at 25°C and 10 kHz unless otherwise indicated. Impedance characteristics are measured on standard shield beads (3.5/1.3/6.0 mm) unless otherwise indicated.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Click here to download Complex Permeability vs. Frequency (CSV)

Ferrite Material Constants

Specific Heat
0.25 cal/g/°C
Thermal Conductivity
3.5 - 4.5 mW/cm-°C
Coefficient of Linear Expansion
8 - 10x10-6/°C
Tensile Strength
4.9 kgf/mm2
Compressive Strength
42 kgf/mm2
Young's Modulus
15x103 kgf/mm2
Hardness (Knoop)
Specific Gravity
≈4.7 g/cm3
The above quoted properties are typical for Fair-Rite MnZn and NiZn ferrites.

Storage and Operating Temperature
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