Wallkill, NY

This quaint hamlet nestled in the Hudson Valley is the home of our first location and Fair-Rite’s Corporate Headquarters. Built in 1952, manufacturing started in 1953 and since then Fair-Rite has grown from 15 to over 120 employees at this location.

Today, the Wallkill facility houses Corporate Offices, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Engineering, Production, R & D, Quality, Shipping/Warehousing, Accounting, Maintenance, Facilities, Security, IT, Logistics/Procurement, IE, Proto-type Shop, and Human Resources.

In 2013, we unveiled our state-of-the-art prototype machine shop to service your design needs. See our prototyping page for more information.


Machine Shop

In a world of continuous innovation, rapid prototyping is essential. Machining ferrite parts reduces lead-times from months to weeks and is significantly more cost-effective than fabricating tooling when designs are changing between prototype runs. The ability to machine parts on small-scale production is useful for those with evolving designs. For those type designs that cannot be a press to size part, that must be maintained as a machined part, Fair-Rite has the capability to support volume production machining. Engineering assistance is available to guide you through the prototyping process to ensure the best performance in your application. This is the essence of our DesignDevelopDeliver strategy!

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