15 Material Data Sheet

A new high permeability NiZn material developed for suppression and broadband applications. This material with its higher permeability than many other NiZn types provides high impedance levels extending down to 10 MHz. Optimal suppression frequency is 10-250 MHz.

Available in 15 material:
-Customer Specific Designs
-Multi-Aperture Cores and Shield Beads

15 Material Characteristics
Property Unit Symbol Value
Initial Permeability@B < 10 gauss µi 1500
Flux Density @ Field Strength Gauss
Residual Flux Density Gauss Br 1800
Coercive Force Oersted Hc 0.2
Loss Factor @ Frequency 10 -6
Tan δ/ µi 15
Temperature Coefficient of Initial Permeability (20 -70°C) %/°C 1.1
Curie Temperature °C Tc >105
Resistivity Ω cm ρ 10 8

**** Characteristic curves are measured on standard Toroids (18/10/6 mm)  at 25°C and 10 kHz unless otherwise indicated. Impedance characteristics are measured on standard shield beads (3.5/1.3/6.0 mm) unless otherwise indicated.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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