Wound Beads (2944666671)

Part Number: 2944666671


Explanation of Part Numbers:
– Digits 1 & 2 = Product Class
– Digits 3 & 4 = Material Grade
– Last digit 1 = Bulk Packed 4 = Taped and Reeled

Six and eleven hole beads, in two NiZn materials, are available both as beads (product class 26) and wound with tinned copper wire in several winding configurations (product class 29).

Wire used for winding is oxygen free high conductivity copper with 100% matte tin plating over a nickel undercoating.

Recommended storage temperature and operating temperature is -55 °C to 125 °C

Recommended Soldering Profile

Packaging Options:
– Parts with a 1 as the last digit of the part number are supplied bulk packed. Wound beads with part numbers 29–666631 and 29–666651 can be supplied radially taped and reeled per IEC 60286-1 and EIA 468-B standards. For these taped and reeled wound beads the last digit of the part number is a 4. Taped and reeled wound beads are supplied 500 pieces on a 13 reel.

For any wound bead requirement not listed in here, please contact our customer service group for availability and pricing. 

Catalog Drawing
3D Model

Weight: 1.4 (g)

Dimmmmm tolnominal inchinch misc.
Winding Information
Turns TestsWire Size1st Wire Length2nd Wire Length
24 AWG
38.0 ±3.0

Chart Legend
+ Test frequency
•A ½ turn is defined as a single pass through a hole.

Typical Impedance (Ω)
1 MHz92
10 MHz+440
50 MHz+930
100 MHz+1020
200 MHz825

Beads are controlled for impedance limits only. Minimum impedance values are specified for the + marked frequencies. The minimum impedance is typically the listed impedance less 20%.

Catalog Drawing

The 44 material beads and wound beads are tested on the E4990A Impedance Meter. The 61 material parts on the E4991A / HP4291B Impedance Analyzer.

Typical Impendance (Ω)
1 MHz87
10 MHz+400
50 MHz+850
100 MHz+725
200 MHz410

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